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There is more to love than “boys meets girls”!


Gays and lesbians are travelling more frequently and spend more money on travels than the average tourist. Both facts are obvious and have been confirmed by several studies, mostly among homosexuals in the USA. According to the results gays and lesbians usually don’t have to support a family and therefore their disposable income is higher. In this regard their status is equal to heterosexual singles or couples without kids.

Furthermore gays and lesbians tend to travel off-season because they are not bound to fixed dates of school holidays. Therefore they are attractive for tourism operators who (which?) have to charge capacity during holiday-free times.

Last but not least the studies show that homosexuals are searching for a gay friendly ambiance more than ever on holidays. They check first this issue before booking – which is also the longtime experience of the travel agency overtherainbow. They don’t like to be surprised on-site.
They avoid countries or destinations which are considered or known to be unfriendly or even hostile to gays and prefer those destinations which are seriously recommended as gay friendly or attract attention with gay-oriented campaigns. The message has to be clear: gay and lesbian tourists are welcome! This applies more than ever for tourists from homophobic countries who escape their situation to feel free – at least for short time on holidays. This aspect is important for all tourism boards and businesses interested in building a longtime tourist loyalty.

In general gay communities worldwide are well connected by numerous local, regional and global networks including special travel forums. Don’t underestimate this communication within the gay world!
Homophobic incidents in one country will be spread out worldwide within short times – with all negative impacts on tourism business. On the other hand also positive examples of gay friendly activities will be communicated by the same way.

Gays and lesbians as a whole should not be neglected as target group of international tourism business. Even though it’s a smaller group of tourists they are economically more powerful than others and pretty different in attitudes of consumption. Internationally operating trend scouts don’t focus for nothing on gay lifestyles.
Whatever visions about gay travel market are circulating, one thing is obvious: Everyone who seriously and credibly pays attention to gay and lesbian tourists will gain loyal clients for the future and benefit from their global networking and communication – without major investments.



To sum it up shortly: We want to promote gay tourism worldwide and benefit from the great economic potential which is far from being fully developed.

We want to raise awareness of the tourism business for gay and lesbian travellers and pay attention to the latent economic potential of the target group. We want to develop new travel destinations and enlarge the choice off-side the mainstream tourism and well-known gay destinations.
Last but not least we are interested in promotion of freedom for gays and lesbians worldwide and hope that our efforts of gay travel marketing will encourage them on-site. Because we know that our business will fail if the ambiance isn’t gay friendly.
Our gay experience of life tells us that visibility is the first step towards acceptance and respect.

Gay Travel Alliance serves with all essentials for gay marketing of destinations, travel packages and touristic businesses like information, public relations (media and advertising) and distribution of products (sales to end-consumer).

First of all the inclusion of sales & distribution is the great advantage of GTA over other agencies promoting touristic matters. Professional promotion is important, but better is doing the next step too and selling travel packages including flights, hotels and more to gay and lesbian travellers. The Berlin based travel agency overtherainbow with its special supplier covers GTA’s distribution competence.

With an internationally oriented travel guide (German/English) is on board which serves with detailed information about countries and cities, updated addresses of gay venues and lots of services around gay travel.

The networking and cooperation of gaysontour, overtherainbow and queer travel under the label of GTA is unique – at least on the German-speaking market. GTA offers new outlooks to touristic businesses as well as tourism boards for a successful gay marketing.

The three team members of GTA cover all necessary competences.
Jürgen Bieniek, owner and operator of, has been working for many years as journalist and public relations manager. Amongst others he created Germany’s first gay travel magazine (“spartacus traveler”).
Gregor Hiebel (graduate engineer) and Jörg Argelander (economist and travel agent) launched the travel agency overtherainbow in 1996. It’s focussed successfully on business travels but is also engaged in holiday travels. In the following years the portfolio was extended by as special supplier for the gay and lesbian clientele.
In addition to the core team of GTA several cooperators of advertising agencies as well as web designers and software engineers complete our competences.



Our public relations and marketing efforts are focussing on the German-speaking market for end-consumers because we know this market and its potential very well. We serve with lots of contacts to the gay community and its media, whether print and online or radio and TV. Furthermore we serve with contacts to leading tourism suppliers.
Therefore we are the right address for tourism boards and foreign suppliers to reach the German-speaking end-consumer.

- Press trips We are organizing public relation tours especially for journalists of the gay press but also for travel journalists of selected mainstream media. Our service includes the selection of journalists as well as their briefing and – by request – the booking of flights and hotels. Furthermore we arrange the program of press trips including contacts to the local gay community.

- Consulting You want to involve your business or tourism board in gay travel marketing but don’t know how to approach the gay and lesbian travellers?
We will advise you to get authentic access to the target group in words and pictures. If you like we also develop complete public relation campaigns for you.

- Sales & distribution You want to sell a touristic product, service or package designed for gays and lesbians? We are the right address for sales!
We promote your product with advertorials and banner ads on our websites, and GTA, another option is our newsletter with thousands of client addresses. Furthermore our travel agency overtherainbow sell it to end-consumers.

- Adverts You want to promote a special product or package with ads in the German gay media? We can help you to select the media with the best and widest coverage within the gay community, because we know about their real standing. If you like we also support you designing the fitting ad.

- Press Releases We find the right words to promote your offer, service or package and take care that press releases tap the pulse of gay readers.

- Video Promotion Online marketing by video clips is the future trend. We serve with concept and production of short clips to promote your business, hotel or other touristic services.


The gay travel market can be a profitable business like the many “freeloaders” on the market are demonstrating. They only use – for instance – the rainbow flag to attract (and cheat) gay tourists without a real gay or gay friendly background. This trick affects all those suppliers who are engaged in serious and credible gay marketing. Therefore we don’t support such tricky marketing!

On the other hand we will not promise you “heaven and earth” and don’t look on the gay travel market with pink glasses. Gays and lesbians have a sense for credibility and reliability of marketing efforts dedicated to themselves. Freeloaders might be successful for a very short time, but in the long run they will be punished with rejection.

Take us at our word - and feel free to contact us!

promotion & public relations
contact: Juergen Bieniek

marketing & distribution
contact: Joerg Argelander


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